Elite Academy Process

For the National Team

It’s one of our additional soccer programs for ages 9-15 years old athletes.
The 8 weeks season extra training we focus on elite soccer players who not only play at the club LESC INTERNAZIONALE but the program is open to accept players from other teams who wish to have high-quality technical training.
We operate privately and with a low number of athletes aiming to be more specific about the team’s training.
We understand that all high-performance players seek to optimize their individual techniques, for this reason, we design a training model where we train at high intensity, physically, technically, and mentally. We always prioritize training in small spaces, thus forcing players to make precise and quick decisions that will help in their individual and group growth.
The program also picks up players who will participate in friendly matches of the Reserve teams program which is our next program level.

footbal elite academy

What the program

Phase A:
1-2 Practices per week lasting 1.5 hours
Phase B:
Virtual skills training
Phase C:
Reduce the time to reach next level (EDP-DV 1)
Phase D:
High Discipline Implementation
Phase E:
Mental strengthening

Payment Option

One training session per week (90 minutes)
Minimum period commitment  of 8 weeks
Program cost:$240.00