Program Rate by Ages

Travel team tryouts are necessary and the coach & Luciano Emilio will see whether the player made the team or not
When players complete their registration with MSYSA, the system will automatically charge the $130 for ages U12 and under & $160 for U13 and older fee based the age of your child.
Observation: The $130 or $160 fee includes a player card, roster inclusion and league fee.


Spring season: March 5 – May 5th
Summer season l: May 5th – July 5th
Summer season ll: July 5th – September 5h
Fall season: September 5th – November 5th

Outdoor seasons fees don’t include uniforms, leagues or tournaments!


Recreation 6-7 Years Old


Intermediate travel 8-10 Years Old


Intermediate travel 11-12 Years Old


Competitive travel 13-18 Years Old

Payment rules

Will cover

2 month seasons
2 training sessions per week
Training facility rental

Will NOT cover

League fee
Summer Camps
Soccer clinics
Trainings and games Uniforms

Registration Form

Lesc Boys & Girls Outdoor Program rates by age